Company Profile

The Oltan family entered the hazelnut business in the early part of the last century and from the start were involved in the export of natural kernels.

In the early 1990’s the decision was taken to diversify into processing and their first factory started production in Trabzon Turkey 1991. Subsequently this plant was closed and replaced with a new Plant opened in the Autumn of 2007.

Included in the operation are seven cracking plants, selection plants for raw kernels and dedicated warehousing facilities.

Since 1990 total investments of over $90,000,000 have been made making Oltan the largest exporter and processor of hazelnuts in Turkey and the world. Oltan are the only Turkish processor fully approved by the five major European confectionery companies including Cadbury, Suchard, Mars, Nestle, and Ferrero. Other major customers include cereal manufacturers such as Kellogg’s and Nestle CP (General Mills).


Turnover 2006/2007 season
US$ 450 million

Employs 1400

Exports of Processed Product

2005/6   10,500 MT
2006/7   11,000 MT
2007/8   11,500 MT

Oltan Export of Raw Hazelnuts

2005/6   39,500 MT
2006/7   52,000 MT
2007/8   53,000 MT

Percentage of Turkey's Total Exports

2005/6   26.3%
2006/7   26.5%
2007/8   28%


ISO certified
BRC Higher grade certified (Grade A)
Full micro Lab (QM ring tested)