Selection and Processing

Oltan purchase in-shell hazelnuts via local traders or direct from farmers. They are then cracked in one of our seven dedicated cracking factories as required for production and they will then be selected for either export as raw kernels or for further processing. Because of the number of selection plants we have and their varied locations, we have been able to build relationships with farmers in each region, giving greater security of supply.

Oltan have a total of seven cracking / selection plants, which are located in all of the major producing regions, from Trabzon in the east to Duce close to Istanbul. This enables us to have full control over quality of raw product. The selection plants are equipped with both picking tables and laser sorting.

Unique to Oltan is the level of pre selection raw nut undergo prior to use in the roasting plant. We are the only producer in Turkey that uses Triple Laser Scanning, in series, of raw nuts prior to delivery to the roasting plant, where they are again Triple laser scanned and hand selected. By laser scanning in series six times we are able to provide finished product virtually free of foreign material less than 1 piece per 10 mt

Nuts are then packed as whole roasted from 25 kilo – 1 mt vacuum packs, or further processed to make various sizes of chopped and Hazelnut paste. All shipments undergo full micro, physical and microtoxin anaysis prior to despatch. Shipments are made within 48 hours of the nut in shell being cracked.

Total cracked in 2007/8 season 110,000 mt in shell


The processing plant is located in Trabzon